The Art of living

Collect and Recycle your boxes as works of art!

We invite you regularly on a new journey with an artist who changes our perception of the world.


Discover passionate artists and collect their artwork, which will be printed on certain boxes delivered to our customers on 6 continents. Simply for the pleasure of sharing our art of living and our passion for art.


Cut out the artworks on the boxes and display them on your premises. Send us your best compositions and we’ll publish your displays on our social networks. You can win signed artworks by the artists highlighted.

The current artist: Jibeone

Jibeone graffiti is an artist from the South of France. With a real passion for his work, he has used urban supports for more than 20 years in numerous towns and regions in France, Europe and on the international scene.


At the same time, he crafts his style on canvas and takes part in events, displays and exhibitions in France and abroad.

Jibeone has a distinctive style, in which he takes a construction-deconstruction approach. Here’s how he describes it: “I currently see creation as a principle of transformation and modulation of my artwork”.

What’s interesting in this type of creation is the perception of shape in relation to space and its reconstruction.

His artworks

You can see Jibeone’s artwork on his Instagram account.

An original creation

For the first time, Jibeone is using industrial packaging cardboard as the support for his creation. We have printed 250 stickers. He has signed a collaboration with LabService for the creation of a special artwork for the launch of our website.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to receive one of our customised boxes!

Send us your photos of these genuine works of art displayed in their new environment!