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From the moment you entrust us with the production and integration of your devices, we support you not only with industrialisation but throughout your entire value chain!

  • Benchmarking the required hardware and choosing the right IT constructor,
  • Choosing the right OS and cybersecurity strategy,
  • Create master copies, edit operating methods and industrialisation,
  • Plan for the future and manage EOLs,
  • Produce your systems whilst respecting your supply chain et their costs,
  • An innovating offer of support available.

Our customers choose us for the added value and services included at no extra cost.

We have a way of seeing things differently through a relevant business model.


PC, Laptop, Servers and workstations
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Systèmes livrés en 2021
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Panel PC, Embedded systems, Industrial peripherals
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“LabService generates revenue solely from its production …”

Accompanying your
Pre-Sales activity

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Making you forget about your Supply Chain

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Secure sales administration

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your support needs

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Enabling your smooth operations

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as our watchword

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